Accidental Art Project, LLC

Accidental Art Project (AAP) provides unconventional art lesson plans and creative guidance for elementary school teachers, after school programs, summer camps, parents, and psychotherapists. Offering a carefully crafted curriculum of 180 art lesson plans (20 per month of the school year) as well as an innovative methodology for creating your own lesson plans, AAP provides support tools that boost creativity and learning in both student and teacher.

AAP’s mission is based upon the idea that art doesn’t have to exist as an isolated subject area; rather, it can be a powerful interdisciplinary tool used to increase knowledge in a wide variety of areas that help facilitate improved academic performance, developmental growth, problem-solving skills, self-confidence, team-building skills, tolerance for others, and perhaps most notably, psychological well being. This goal is achieved by following an adaptable curriculum that integrates critical academic studies, including: english/literacy, math, science, history, geography, and language, with artistic expression and creativity. Each month’s 20 lesson plans are also designed around central themes vital to the healthy growth of our children and society, including community, self-awareness, environmental responsibility, and celebration of the many experiences we share as humans, from diversity to holidays.

Also unique to AAP’s methodology is the conscious use and recognition of Hidden Learning; the unconscious acquisition of skills or knowledge derived from a given curriculum, lesson plan, exercise or activity. Every Accidental Art Project lesson plan reveals a set of hidden learning skills being acquired, helping you as an instructor create and choose lesson plans based on a desired outcome e.g. an increase in fine motor coordination or an improvement in pattern recognition. AAP's methodology is based upon the premise that anyone, when given the right tools and professional support, can use art to deliver these results.

Given the growing budgetary restrictions facing art programs in nearly all public (and many private) schools today, a special emphasis is placed on the use of recyclable materials and found-objects to foster an environmentally conscious atmosphere, while also drastically reducing program costs. Whenever possible, all AAP lesson plans provide creative solutions for material substitutions that maximize recycling opportunities and reduce waste.