Art curriculum books are like psychotherapists. If they’re really good, you won’t need them after a while.
— Allison Wright

Allison Wright, Creator

Allison Wright, creator and owner of Accidental Art Project, never thought she would become an art teacher–much less the founder of a business dedicated to enhancing teaching methods and student learning. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in music, she was more likely to become a psychotherapist than an entrepreneur in the fields of art and education. Yet when a series of accidental teaching opportunities came her way, Allison began to realize that she just might have a place in the field of education, and, perhaps the ability to carve a new pathway through it.

As Afterschool Artistic Coordinator at one of the top private schools on the East Coast, Allison designed projects for grades 1-3 while also creating a comprehensive art curriculum that aligned with central themes in the day school. One of the first things she realized when she got there, however, was that there seemed to be a lack of inspiring resources for instructors wanting to integrate art into their curricula. After leafing through countless books and searching the internet for imaginative project ideas and advice, Allison turned to a new drawing board: her own creative toolbox.

Materials are to an artist what ingredients are to a chef: creative building blocks filled with limitless potential. Recognizing this basic principle, Allison began producing the kind of art lesson plans she wanted to teach-- lessons that helped students see beyond a material’s standardly accepted use, and instead as a tool for the creation of the unexpected. She even took it a step further by developing a methodology other teachers could use to do the same. Every AAP lesson plan is designed by Allison herself, and is reviewed by supporting instructors with education, creativity, and sustainability in mind.

When she’s not transforming coffee sleeves into artistic creatures, you’ll find Allison leading teacher-trainings and classes in the Nia Technique, a movement practice that blends dance, martial arts, and yoga. Other titles she has carried that have helped her develop Accidental Art Project include Primary School Teacher, Dance Director, and Senior Copywriter for an international dance company.