Afterschool Programs

We know running an afterschool program is no easy gig. When that stampede of students come galloping down your corridor like they took a pit stop at the local espresso shop, simple cut and paste projects are not going to suffice. And when they’re not in Lego Robotics Club or out in the field playing kickball, you want to provide your students with engaging art projects that are as fun as they are educational. That’s where we come in.

All lesson plans in our art curriculum packs provide you with adaptable templates that can be modified to suite the "fun factor" needs of your afterschool program. Each lesson plan uses art to explore a variety of themes including literacy, science, math, geography, music, and history. Using as many recyclable materials as possible, we offer you greener alternatives that help save money and the environment at the same time.

Every lesson plan is tailored to students ages 7-10 and includes suggestions for how to simplify and increase the level of complexity. 

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Lesson Plan Inclusions:

● Photo(s)

● Material lists

● Time estimates

● Skill level required

● Cost estimates

● Step-by-step instructions

● Hidden learning

● Teacher tips

● NAEA Visual Arts Standard