Elementary Schools

Are you ready to reinvent your classroom curricula? Wondering how to engage your students with creative art projects in the face of major budget cuts, all the while fulfilling national standards for the visual arts?

Our unconventional art lesson plan packs are designed specifically with you in mind and use art to explore a variety of themes including english/literacy, science, math, geography, music, history, and language. We believe art doesn’t have to be an isolated subject area – instead, it can be used to craft interactive “hidden learning experiences.” In other words, we use art lesson plans to make school feel like fun, not work. Using as many recyclable materials as possible, we offer you greener alternatives that help save money and the environment at the same time.

Every lesson plan is tailored to students ages 7-10 and includes suggestions for how to simplify and increase the level of complexity.

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Lesson Plan Inclusions:

● Photo(s)

Material lists

Time estimates

Skill level required

● Cost estimates

Step-by-step instructions

Hidden learning

Teacher tips

● NAEA Visual Arts Standard