Go Green 5-Pack


Go Green 5-Pack


Earth-Friendly Projects With A Recycling Bent

The Go Green Pack features 5 Earth-friendly projects with a recycling bent. A special emphasis is also placed on found objects, using materials from the natural environment to foster creative exploration, environmental awareness, and an increased understanding of the relationship between art and nature.

  1. Habitats on the Fly

  2. Espresso Dragonflies

  3. Geology Rocks!

  4. Fairy Architects

  5. Urban Bird Feeders

This Accidental Art™ Project  5-pack is designed for students in grades 1-3 and includes step-by-step instructions, photo(s), material lists, theme, time and cost estimates, skill level required, hidden learning, teacher tips, and the NAEA visual arts anchor standard met by the lesson.

Wondering what an Accidental Art Project lesson plan looks like? Download a FREE Sample and find out!

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